‘Flocks’ is Lydia’s latest collection and blurs the lines between animal and human behaviour. The birds become humanised by their presence in our modern everyday life activities and events. From hens watching a game of tennis to pigeons protesting through London, the possibilities are endless. From a distance the flocks seem to blur into one mass as they do in the wild. But when taking a closer look it’s clear each bird has it’s own unique character and story to tell. This insight runs true within the animal kingdom and Lydia’s work shines a light on those fabulous individual animal personalities that exist in all species. The overcrowded chaotic nature of these flocks situated in this humanised world is also a nod to the overcrowded planet that we live in today.

‘HENNIS’ Flocks By Lydia Ripper

Hens watching tennis and enjoying a strawberry or two! I was commissioned to do a few paintings for my best friend’s dad Steve Martin who is now a very dear friend of mine! He loves birds but especially chickens (he has his own) and has a tennis court in his garden. As a true creative himself and a lover of my humour, I wanted something that would reflect Steve and his family. And so Hennis was born! I’ve also created ‘Mart Hen’ portraits of the whole family.

‘SATURDAY NIGHT HUDDLE’ Flocks By Lydia Ripper

‘Saturday Night Huddle’ by Lydia Ripper. Penguins really DO sing and dance although not as well as portrayed in the movie Happy Feet. To attract their mates, Emperor penguins make unique trumpeting sounds while male Adelie penguins do dance-like movements with their head and flippers. Living in the Antarctic can be extremely chilly, so Emperor penguins perform a mass dance to stay warm in such a harsh climate. This is a called a huddle. In this huddle penguins place themselves certain distances from each other and move as a whole, as one penguin moves in a certain direction they all follow suit. These calculated movements help keep the massive group together and could look like dancing. And as you can see my concept plays on this idea of movement and dancing! The huddle is so tightly compacted that it’s often a mystery as to what happens inside. Well now you have it! Mystery solved...

‘WE NEED SEED’ Flocks By Lydia Ripper

The now homeless homing pigeons are back and they are NOT happy!! Pigeons protesting through Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar was once home to 6,000 or so pigeons around Nelson's Column. I remember as a kid the main attraction was to feed them! You could buy seed from the vendors and they would flock around you. Soon there became too many and they were kicked out and the vendors were no longer allowed to trade. My painting reflects back to my memories of feeding them and how funny it would be if the pigeons suddenly returned!