Lydia Ripper is a full-time illustrator and writer with a history of designing for entrepreneurial startups. Lydia was former Head of Design at ToucanBOX, a children’s craft box subscription. She studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University and was headhunted to join the creative team at

Lydia’s style is playful, colourful, fun and plays to that childlike innocence that is in all of us, regardless of age. Each illustration brings new surprises around every corner and subtleties that could be so easily missed come alive in her pictures. Her characters dance across the page with endless energy and movement.

Lydia brings an inimitable sense of style to everything she does: from makeup artistry and face painting to fashion and hair modelling. The Ant’s Pants is her first children’s illustrated book. Published by Orion, under the Early Readers Series, Summer 2018. Lydia is represented by the Literary Agent, Peters Fraser & Dunlop.